Single Device Work Measurement for Productivity Professionals

The Practitioner option can be used indefinitely with no charge while the Project and Principal versions are available for users with more demanding needs.

Do your time studies, activity sampling and method builds from setup to result on a stand alone Windows platform - tablet, laptop etc. If you need your own analysis, use Excel (on the device) or export the data to another machine - your choice.

Interested? - take a quick look at this...

Now look at the demos and the feature list then, download the free Practitioner version.

  • All the tools to do all the job. No messing about with serial leads or other interfaces.
  • On a project? Then email the analysis from the device straight back to project central.
  • Running a project? Email job specifications direct to the devices of the team.
  • There is no time limit and the free Practitioner version may be all you ever need.
  • Edit as you go while you remember things that need noting or changing

Check here for general news about hardware and system use.

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