A free work measurement utility on modern hardware

Instead of spending £100s or even £1000s pay nothing and then a weekly upgrade to premium features only when you need them.

  • Standard - free to use with basic features.
  • Project - premium features at a weekly cost of £9 reverting to standard at end of paid for period.
  • Manager - premium features - unlimited in time.
  • License Security

    We are engaging with a company that provides Blue Tooth type dongles that will be issued to those users who have paid for licenses. In the case of users taking the Associate time limited option, the expectation is that the dongle will be retained and reactivated when needed next.

    Project Management

    So, project managers in particular will, not only have a much cheaper (even for some devices, free data capture) - the whole management will be far, far simpler that most options now.

    Standard User

    Those using the standard free version will have unlimited time use with the following restrictions:

    • Non-access to premium features such as study stacking and joining split element observations.
    • Number of observations per study of 50 and 250 in sampling.
    • Number of elements/activities/subjects restricted to 4 each.

    We believe that the base level as set out above provides for:
    • A small organisation needing quite basic facilities.
    • A training platform prior to engineers joining a team.
    • A continuity version between project updates where interim upgrades are used.

    Now Try Timesmith

    So, go ahead downloads the system. You have nothing to lose except a few minutes in the cause of healthy curiosity.

    The version currently downloadable with run free for around 2 months - you will see the actual date on the opening page. Until commercial operations commence this will be updated weekly as a minimum.